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Orange Kosho


Zesty, spicy, salt-licked goodness.

Our version of the Japanese condiment, yuzu kosho. We rescue the peel of oranges used for freshly squeezed orange juice, salt them, add some red chillies for a spicy kick, and let it ferment for two months. The end game: a salty, tongue-numbing, addictive paste with a hint of citrus.


Bread Miso


Bottled umami, unrivalled savouriness.

We discovered early on in the project that bread gets chucked. A lot. Particularly with restaurants where there are requirements on how the end product should look like (bread: trimmings. Lots of them). We’ve taken the bread and turned it into a rich, umami-laden miso — that elusive ingredient those around the dining table can’t quite put their finger on… other than the dish now tastes great.



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Last updated: August 1, 2022